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establishment number 299345



The Independent BreweryWild Whaleis delighted to welcome you to itsFriendly Hostel!


The complex ofWild Whaleis located in a building steeped in history. It was first a bar and a hotel. It was then converted into a residence for the elderly to finally return as aFriendly Hosteland anIndependent Brewery. Our rooms are comfortable in our friendly Inn have beencompletely renovated, are welcoming and immaculately clean. 

A Convivial Inn is a place where everyone should feel good and respectful. It's a place forbeer loversof course, but also for people who are passionate about people and who owna desire to meet the "other", Ina spirit of exchange and openness. He also undertakes to respect each client by applying the rules in place and paying particular attention to the places where people sleep, whether you are a night owl or an early riser!

We have ainteresting range of accommodation offersat an interesting price, with excellent quality  d'furnishing and an exemplary maintenance service!  This is a place to sit down for a pint!

We also have, under the microbrewery,a budget alternative!  This alternative accommodation also offers 5 bedrooms with two queen beds in the basement of the microbrewery plus 6 bedrooms with two single beds each. CalledThe VIP cabin, this place is perfect for those who do not want to spend a fortune on accommodation. 

Pets are accepted for a $35 deep cleaning fee.


All rooms have a fridge, coffee maker, private bathroom. For customers of sites like Booking, and any other sites of the genre: NOTE THAT THERE IS NO TELEVISION AND AIR CONDITIONING IN THE ROOMS. 



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