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Smoky whale summer!

  The first traces of grilled meat, dating back around 200,000 years, were discovered near Mount Carmel, Israel. Experts have found tools and bones left by early hunters there. Judging by the burn marks on the bones and the size of the animals, scientists have concluded that these men were the first to experiment with what would become the barbecue we know today.your titles, banners and logos that she will highlight.

Much later, during their expeditions that would lead to the discovery of the New World, explorers from Spain discovered in the Caribbean a tribe called “Taino”. The Taino used a cooking technique that involved arranging the meat on a wooden rack suspended over a brazier. This slow cooking of the meat had the advantage of keeping the food at a good distance from the ground and therefore far enough from the animals.

This technique, called barbacoa by this tribe was brought back to Europe by explorers and the word was then adapted in all languages.

The traditional American barbecue thus extends over the Bible Belt, literally belt of the bible, this region so nicknamed because of the large number of fundamentalist Christians living there. The "BBQ belt" extends from the states of Carolina in the east to Texas in the west, from Kentucky in the north to the south of the country

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